Job Wise Education 2018: List of Courses According to Your Dream Job

Job Wise Education 2018 list is compile by our experts. This will let you choose the Course which land you to your dream job. Before any of the aspirant choose the course of study, The dream Job profile wanders in the aspiring mind. Now get the answer of “what should i study to become an Army Officer etc.”.

A lot of career seminars are organize by various institutions and groups. A lot of questions are being asked over i want to become XYZ, In which direction or stream should i pursue my education. After compiling similar questions and answers, Job wise Education list is available here.

Job wise Education 2018-19 Complete Guidance by Expert

Job Wise Education 2018-19 Post Wise Course

Post Wise Education

Post wise Education provide candidate guideline about course they should choose to join the services of their choice. A table is provided here to easily choose the Education field against the Job you want to do in future. Post Wise Education 2018-2019 Table :

Job Wise Education

Job NameAdmission 2018-19
AccountantCourses & Admission 2018
AdvocateCourses & Admission 2018
Chartered AccountantCourses & Admission 2018
Commercial PilotCourses & Admission 2018
DentistCourses & Admission 2018
DieticianCourses & Admission 2018
EngineerCourses & Admission 2018
Forest OfficerCourses & Admission 2018
FundraiserCourses & Admission 2018
IAS OfficerCourses & Admission 2018
IPS OfficerCourses & Admission 2018
LibrarianCourses & Admission 2018
Mechanical EngineerCourses & Admission 2018
NurseCourses & Admission 2018
ParamedicsCourses & Admission 2018

Post Wise Education 2018-19

Job NameEducation
D.M: District Magistrate/ CollectorGraduation/ IAS
A.D.M: Additional District MagistrateAllied Services/ Graduate
S.D.M: Sub-Divisional Magistrate=do=
S.P: Superintendent of PoliceIPS/ UPSC/ Graduation
S.S.P: Senior Superintendent of Police=do=
Police Inspectorस्नातक/ ग्रेजुएट
C.B.I Inspector
A.T.S Inspector
C.I.D Inspector
I.B Inspector
E.D Inspector
Army Officer
Naval Officer
Fighter Pilot
Airforce Officer
Patwari10 Pass

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