M.J. : Master of Journalism Admission 2018: Eligibility, Institutes, Jobs, Application Forms

Fill Master of Journalism (M. J.) Course Application Form 2018

The Journalism is related to the collection of news via electronic and print media. There are many candidates who have curious mind along with strong willpower of presenting information.  They can arrange their thoughts and can express them in a very systematic and arranged manner. The Master’s Degree in Journalism is the best course for such kind of candidates. It is a postgraduate course which is completed in 2 years. The course covers various aspects of Radio Journalism, English for communication, Photojournalism, Online Journalism, TV Journalism, Radio Journalism and Print Journalism.


Candidates who are interested in the career of Journalism and want to pursue the Master’s degree in Journalism can apply for it. The interested candidates must have completed the Bachelor’s degree. The degree can be in any discipline. The candidates must have obtained the minimum of 45% marks in their Bachelor’ degree. The minimum qualifying marks can be different for different colleges.

Application Form 2018- Master of Journalism Course Programs

The candidates will go to the official website of the institution or college. Either they will apply for admission through online mode or offline mode. In the case of online application, they will fill the application form online and will submit it through online mode. Whereas in the case of the offline application form, they will download it and will submit through the post. During the filling of application form, candidates should fill all the entries. Incomplete form will not be accepted by any of the institutions or colleges

List of Top Colleges

  • Jai Narai Vyas University, Jodhpur
  • Gujarat University, Gujarat
  • Magadh University, Bodh Gaya

Job Opportunities

In this era, Journalism is one of the prestigious professions but with lots of challenges. There are lots of opportunities in the field of journalism in around the world. The candidates can work as the reporters in the television channel, news agency, magazine, newspaper and radio. They can also start working as feature writer and leader writer and can present especially in-depth stories on specific topics.  Proof Reader is just another good option for the candidates with Master’s degree in Journalism. The candidates can also start working as Photo Journalist as well as critic.

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