MP DMAT 2017 MBBS/BDS Syllabus and Pattern

MP DMAT 2017 Syllabus and Pattern for MBBS/ BDS

As the notification published by Association of Private Dental and Medical Colleges (APDMC) that they are going to conduct an undergraduate entrance test to provide the admission to the eligible candidates through it. The purpose of conducting this exam is to fill the vacant seats of medical courses like MBBS/BDS courses. This is the national level entrance exam and through this entrance exam, the candidate will get the admission in various one of the private medical and dental colleges of Madhya Pradesh State. Through this article, we are providing som important information to prepare for this undergraduate entrance test such as syllabus and pattern.


The MP DMAT 2017 stands for Madhya Pradesh Dental and Medical Admission Test. This state level entrance test is to give the admission in MBBS/BDS private colleges or institute through this undergraduate entrance test. The responsibility of conducting this exam on the Association of Private Dental and Medical Colleges (APDMC). MP DMAT 2017 is a fair and transparent exam and every candidate has faith on it. The candidates those desire to take admission in these bachelor degree courses has to appear in MP DMAT 2017 and has to qualify too.

MP DMAT 2017 Syllabus

The candidates those are preparing for MP DMAT 2017 to take admission in the medical courses offered through the undergraduate pre medical test has to focus on the syllabus of MP DMAT 2017. The candidate can find the topics in 11th and 12th books of Physics, Chemistry and Biology of CBSE/NCERT/State Board as shown below-

MP DMAT 2017 Syllabus of Physics

  1. Units And Dimensions
  2. Acceleration Due To Gravity and its variation
  3. Hooke’s Law
  4. Specific Heats at constant volume and constant pressure
  5. Heat Conduction
  6. Wave Nature of Light
  7. Reflection, refraction and Dispersion in prism
  8. Bohr model of the atom
  9. Elementary ideas of conductor, semi-conductor and insulator
  10. Bar magnet lines of force
  11. Dimensional Analysis
  12. Electromagnetism
  13. Electronics
  14. Electrostatics
  15. Escape Velocity
  16. Gas Laws
  17. Geostationary Satellites
  18. Kinetic Energy
  19. Kinetic Theory Of Gases
  20. Optics
  21. Oscillations
  22. Shear And Bulk Modulus
  23. Surface Energy
  24. Universal Law Of Gravitation
  25. Young’s Modulus

MP DMAT 2017 Syllabus of Chemistry

  1. Structure Of Atom
  2. Chemical Bond
  3. Solutions
  4. Solid State
  5. Nuclear Chemistry
  6. Chemical Equilibrium
  7. Ionic Equilibria In Solutions
  8. Thermo Chemistry And Thermodynamics
  9. Chemical Kinetic
  10. Electrochemistry
  11. Surface Chemistry
  12. Principles Of Metallurgical Operations
  13. Chemical Periodicity
  14. Comparative Study of Elements
  15. Transition Metals
  16. Co-Ordination Compounds
  17. Chemical Analysis
  18. Biomolecules
  19. Calculation of Empirical And Molecular Formula
  20. Study Of Elements
  21. Nomenclature Of Organic Compounds
  22. Organic Compounds.
  23. Polymers
  24. Preparation Properties

MP DMAT 2017 Syllabus of Botany

  1. Difference Between Prokaryote And Eukaryotes
  2. Ecosystem
  3. Elementary Knowledge Of Microsporogenesis
  4. Enzymes And Growth Hormones With Reference To Their Classification
  5. Kingdom Classification Binomial Nomenclature
  6. Mendel’s Laws Of Inheritance
  7. Principle Of Plant Breeding And Its Role In Improvement Of Crops
  8. Role Of Plants In Human Welfare
  9. Structural Organization Of Cell, Cell Theory
  10. Tissues And Tissues Systems

MP DMAT 2017 Syllabus of Zoology

  1. Endocrine System With Special Reference To Various Endocrine Glands Of Man And Hormonal Co- Ordination
  2. Histology Of Mammalian Organs
  3. Skeleton, Joints, Muscles On The Basic Of Movement Receptors
  4. Structure And Function Of Animal Tissues Epithelial
  5. Structure And Physiology Of Different Organ Systems Of Human Body
  6. Vitamins & Minerals

MP DMAT 2017 Pattern

According to the updated pattern of MP DMAT 2017 undergraduate entrance exam as the notification released the candidates has to solve 200 MCQ type questions in 3 hours. There is no provision of negative marking for a wrong answer.

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