MP PAT 2017 B.Sc (Agriculture) Entrance Exam Syllabus and Pattern

MP PAT 2017 Syllabus and Pattern for B.Sc (Agriculture)

As the latest notification published byMadhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board that they are going to organise an Entrance Exam known as Madhya Pradesh Pre-Agriculture Test . Through this entrance exam, the candidate will get the admission in various Bachelor Courses like as B.Sc (Agriculture) courses offered by different colleges and institutions of Madhya Pradesh state. Through this article, we are giving some important information that every candidate needs for preparation for MP PAT 2017 entrance exam such syllabus and pattern

About MP PAT 2017

MP PAT 2017 is a state level entrance exam and every students those are preparing for admission in Agriculture courses desires to appear in that exam.  As every year the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board which is also known as Madhya Pradesh Vyapam for admissions in B.Tech Agriculture and B.Sc Agriculture) courses . The candidates those are seeking to take admission in these agriculture colleges of Madhya Pradesh has to qualify MP PAT 2017 Entrance Exam by securing at least qualifying marks.

MP PAT 2017 Syllabus

The candidates those are interested and filled up MP PAT 2017 Application form from the official website and preparing to face the exam has to focus on the syllabus of MP PAT 2017 for good result

MP PAT 2017 Syllabus of Physics

  1. Acceleration due to gravity and its variation.
  2. Absorption and emission spectra.
  3. Conservation of momentum and energy.
  4. Electromagnetic induction induced emf.
  5. Electric power.
  6. Growth and decay of current in L-R circuit.
  7. Force on a moving charge in a magnetic field (Lorentz force).
  8. kinetic energy and temperature.
  9. Moment of inertia.
  10. Measurement of voltages as currents.
  11. Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws.
  12. Periodic motion.
  13. Simple harmonic motion.
  14. Refraction, Reflection.
  15. S.I. Units, Motion in two dimensions Cases of uniform velocity and uniform.
  16. Unit and dimensions
  17. Static and kinetic friction.
  18. Wave nature of light.
  19. MP PAT 2017 Syllabus of Chemistry
  20. Chemical Equilibrium, Bond, Kinetic.
  21. Electrochemistry.
  22. Nuclear chemistry Radioactive radiations.
  23. Solutions.
  24. Solid State.
  25. The structure of Atom.
  26. Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry.
  27. Chemical periodicity.
  28. Chemical analysis.
  29. Comparative study of elements.
  30. Coordination compounds.
  31. Transition metals.
  32. Principles of metallurgical operations.
  33. Biomolecules.
  34. Calculation of empirical and molecular formula of organic compounds, Nomenclature of organic compounds, common functional groups isomerism Structure and shapes of alkanes, alkanes, and benzene.
  35. Nomenclature, Physical-chemical properties, correlation of physical properties with structure properties.
  36. Nomenclature, methods of preparation, Chemical properties correlations of physical properties with structures.
  37. Polymers.
  38. Preparation properties and uses of alkynes, benzene-petroleum, alkynes, cracking octane number, gasoline additives.

MP PAT 2017 Syllabus of Botany

  1. Ecosystem
  2. Structural organization of cell
  3. Five Kingdom classification Binomial Nomenclature
  4. Structure and functions of cell organelles
  5. Tissue and tissue systems
  6. Difference between prokaryote and Eukaryotes
  7. Elementary knowledge of microsporogenesis megasporogenesis.
  8. Enzymes and growth hormones with reference to their classification
  9. Role of plants in human welfare

MP PAT 2017 Syllabus of Zoology

  1. Developmental biology and genetics.
  2. Multicellularity – structure and function of animal life.
  3. Taxonomy evolution economic zoology.

MP PAT 2017 Pattern

According to the MP PAT 2017 latest pattern, in exam paper will be 200 questions for 200 marks in objective type question form. For each correct answer the candidate will get 1 marks. The duration of the exam will be 3 hours.

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