Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture Syllabus and Pattern

Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) Entrance Exam 2019 Syllabus and Pattern for B.Sc. Agriculture

Punjab Agricultural University is a well known University, in the year 2019 this University is going to conduct an entrance exam known as PAU Entrance Exam 2019. The main purpose of conducting this exam is to give admission in Bachelor Degree programs offered by it such as B.Sc Agriculture (Hons), B.Sc Home Science (Hons), B.Tech Food Tech (Hons), B.Sc Fashion Designing (Hons), B.Sc Biotechnology (Hons), B.Sc (Hons)Interior Design, B.Sc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics+, B.Tech Agriculture Engg. In this, notification we are providing the PAU 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture Syllabus & Pattern that can help the candidate to score more.

Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture Syllabus and Pattern

Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture Syllabus and Pattern

About PAU 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture Entrance Exam

Here PAU 2019 stands for Punjab Agriculture University and it is a very reputed University of Agriculture and Sciences. As every year the Universtiy is planning to conduct an admission program to provide admission to the eligible candidates in various Degree courses offered by PAU itself. The responsibility of conducting this exam is on the Punjab Agriculture University. Through PAU 2019 Entrance Exam the student will get eligibility to get admission in Punjab Agriculture university when the candidate qualified. The candidates desire to take admission in this university has to appear in PAU 2019 Entrance Exam.

PAU 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture Syllabus

The candidate those are going to appear in PAU 2019 Entrance Test has to focus on the syllabus of class 11th and 12th for a better result.

PAU 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture Syllabus of Physics

  1. Physical world and measurement
  2. Kinematics
  3. Laws of Motion
  4. Work, Energy and Power
  5. Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
  6. Gravitation
  7. Properties of Bulk Matter
  8. Thermodynamics
  9. Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
  10. Oscillations and Waves
  11. Electrostatics
  12. Current Electricity
  13. Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
  14. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
  15. Electromagnetic Waves
  16. Optics
  17. Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
  18. Atoms and Nuclei
  19. Electronic Devices

PAU 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture Syllabus of Chemistry

  1. Structure of Atom
  2. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
  3. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  4. States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
  5. Thermodynamics
  6. Equilibrium
  7. Redox Reactions
  8. Hydrogen
  9. S-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)
  10. Some p-Block Elements
  11. Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques
  12. Hydrocarbons
  13. Environmental Chemistry
  14. Solid State
  15. SolutionsElectrochemistry
  16. Electrochemistry
  17. Chemical Kinetics
  18. Surface Chemistry
  19. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
  20. p- Block Elements
  21. d and f Block Elements
  22. Coordination Compounds
  23. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  24. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
  25. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
  26. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
  27. Biomolecules
  28. Polymers
  29. Chemistry in Everyday Life

PAU 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture Syllabus Biology

  1. Diversity in Living World
  2. Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
  3. Cell Structure and Function
  4. Plant Physiology
  5. Human physiology
  6. Reproduction
  7. Genetics and Evolution
  8. Biology and Human Welfare
  9. Biotechnology and Its Applications
  10. Ecology and environment

PAU 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture Pattern

As the notification published and according to the guideline the pattern of the PAU 2019 B.Sc. Agriculture is will be as, the candidate has to face 180 questions of MCQ type and the candidates has to solve these questions 3 hours.

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