TJEE 2017 MBBS/BDS Syllabus and Pattern

TJEE 2017 Syllabus and Pattern For MBBS/BDS Joint Entrance Exam

According to the latest notification relesed by Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Examination that they are going to conduct an Joint Entrance Exam known as Tripura JEE 2017. TJEE 2017 is a state level exam and every candidate known about it is has desire to appear in this Entrannce Exam. Through this joint entrance exam the candidate will be be eligible to take admission in MBBS and BDS courses offered through this TJEE 2017 Entrance Exam. The candidates those desire to take admission in these medical course has to qualify  TJEE 2017 with at least minimum qualifying marks. In this article we are providing some knowledge about TJEE 2017 such assyllabus and pattern that can help to achieve their goal.

About TJEE 2017 MBBS/BDS Entrance Exam

TJEE 2017 stand for Tripura Joint Entrance Exam and some people known this entrance exam with the name TBJEE 2017 the full form of this is as Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Exam. This is a state level exam and the responsibility of conducting this exam is on the Tripura Board Joint Entrance Exam as every year. The main purpose of conducting this exam is to provide admission to the eligible candidates in Bachelor Degree Courses of Medical such as MBBS/BDS offered through this Joint Entrance Exam known as TJEE 2017. The candidates those want to appear in this exam has to fill the application form of TJEE 2017 before the last date.

TJEE 2017 MBBS/BDS Syllabus

The candidates those are preparing for TJEE 2017 BDS/MBBS Joint Entrance Exam has to focus on syllabus of it for better result. Below we are providing the syllabus and pattern-

TJEE 2017 MBBS/BDS Syllabus of Physics

  1. Unit of Measurement.
  2. Vectors.
  3. Kinematics.
  4. Centre of Mass.
  5. Newton’s Laws of Motion.
  6. Work, energy & power.
  7. Thermodynamics.
  8. Simple Harmonic Motion.
  9. Thermal expansion of solids.
  10. Reflection.
  11. Refraction.
  12. Properties of magnetic material.
  13. Drift velocity and mobility.
  14. Kirchhoff’s law and simple applications.
  15. Coulomb’s law in electrostatics.
  16. Magnetic effect of current.
  17. Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction.
  18. Radioactivity.
  19. Logic Gates.
  20. Constituents of atomic nucleus etc.

TJEE 2017 MBBS/BDS Syllabus of Chemistry

  1. Atomic structure.
  2. Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry.
  3. The Periodic Table and Chemical families.
  4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure.
  5. Chemical Energetics and Chemical Dynamics.
  6. Gaseous State.
  7. Chemical Equilibria, Ionic Equilibria and Redox Equilibria.
  8. Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic.
  9. Chemistry of Solutions.
  10. Chemistry of Non-Metallic Elements and their compounds.
  11. Chemistry in Industry.
  12. Chemistry of Metallic elements and their compounds.
  13. Chemistry of Organic Compound.
  14. Hydrocarbons.
  15. Aromatic hydrocarbon.
  16. Organic Compounds Containing Halogens.
  17. Organic compounds containing Oxygen.
  18. Organic compounds containing nitrogen.
  19. Introduction of Biomolecules.
  20. Environmental Chemistry.
  21. Application Oriented Chemistry.
  22. Principles of qualitative analysis etc.

TJEE 2017 MBBS/BDS Syllabus of Biology

  1. Cell function.
  2. Enzymes.
  3. Taxonomy & classification.
  4. Concepts of Biodiversity.
  5. Population Biology.
  6. Viruses and Bacteria.
  7. Plant breeding.
  8. Immunology.
  9. Ecosystem.
  10. Conservation.
  11. Environmental pollution.
  12. Economically important plants.
  13. Economic Zoology.
  14. Medical Zoology.
  15. Pest and their management.
  16. Plant hormones.
  17. Endocrine system.
  18. Growth, Metamorphosis and Ageing.
  19. Reproduction and Developmental Biology.
  20. Chromosome and DNA.
  21. Mendelism.
  22. Mutation.
  23. Digestion.
  24. Nervous system.
  25. Muscle Tissue.
  26. Circulation.
  27. Excretion.
  28. Scope, importance and applications of Biology etc.

TJEE 2017 MBBS/BDS Pattern

According to the notification published by Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Examination the TJEE 2017 MBBS/BDS exam will be objectve type that means for each question there will be 4 options and the candidate has to choose a correct one. The candidates has to solve 150 MCQ type questions in 2 hours. There is no provision of negative marking.

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