UG Admission in Rajasthan: Dates, Form, Fee, Eligibility, Result, Cut-off, Merit etc.

Fill online application form for UG Admission in Rajasthan government colleges and check all the other details.

UG Admission in Rajasthan government colleges

The government colleges of Rajasthan has released UG Admission notification to provide admission to all the eligible and interested candidates for various undergraduate programmes in different specializations. Through this article, get the complete details about Rajasthan UG Admission 2018 i.e. important dates, application form, eligibility criteria, application fee, fee structure, result, cut-off marks, merit list, counseling dates, required documents, helpline/ toll-free number and many others.

UG Admission in Rajasthan

There are many governments and private colleges in Rajasthan state. The government colleges of Rajasthan state has recently released admission notification for various undergraduate programmes with the details of seat available arts, science, commerce, and others. There is the total number of 75 government universities, 3025 government institutions, 255 degrees, and 9797 courses in Rajasthan state. All the eligible students who are willing to get admission at one of the government colleges of Rajasthan state for UG courses (arts, science, commerce and others) can apply online on or before the last date i.e. 20th June 2018.

UG Admission 2018 Important Dates

All the eligible candidates who have completed 12th from a recognized board and want to get admission at one of most prestigious government universities of Rajasthan state can apply online and check all the important dates. As on the official website, the important dates have been announced thus here we are going to provide you the important dates for UG Admission in Rajasthan Government Colleges. To know more about the UG Admission 2018 Important Dates in Rajasthan Government colleges you need to visit the official website.

Details Dates (Official)
Online application form starts6th June 2018
Last date for online form20th June 2018
Commencement of classes2nd July 2018

List of Government Colleges

Here we are going to provide you the list of all the government colleges in Rajasthan state in different districts i.e. Ajmer, Alwar, Banswara, Baran, Barmer, Bharatpur, Bhilwara, Bikaner, Bundi, Chittorgarh, Churu, Dhausa, Dhaulpur, Hanumangarh, Jaipur. Jaisalmer, Jhalawar, Jodhpur, Kota, Pali, Pratapgarh and many others.


S.NoDistrictPlaceName of Government CollegeCOURSES OFFERED
1AjmerAjmerGovernment Girls College, AjmerB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
2AjmerSamrat Prithviraj Chauhan Government College, AjmerB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
3AraiGovernment College, AraiB.A
4BeawarS.D. Government College, BeawarB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
5KekriGovernment P.G. College, KekriB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
6KishangarhS.R.K.P. Government P.G.College, KishangarhB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
7MasudaGovernment College, MasudaB.A
8NasirabadS.G.S.G. Government College, NasirabadB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
9PushkarGovernment College PushkarB.A
10SarwarGovernment Girls College, SarwarB.A
11AlwarAlwarB.S.R. Government Arts College, AlwarB.A
12AlwarG.D.Government College For Women, AlwarB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
13AlwarGovernment Commerce College, AlwarB.Com
14AlwarRaj Rishi Government College, AlwarB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
15Baskripal NagarGovernment College, BaskripalnagarB.A
16BehrorS.D.C.G.J. Government College, BehrorB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
17BibiraniGovernment PG College, BibiraniB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
18GovindgarhGovernment College, GovindgarhB.A
19MundawarGovernment College, MundawarB.A
20RajgarhGovernment PG College, RajgarhB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
21ThanagaziGovernment College, ThanagaziB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
22TijaraGovernment College,TijaraB.A
23BanswaraBanswaraHaridev Joshi Government Girls College, BanswaraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
24BanswaraShri Govind Guru Government College, BanswaraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
25KushalgarhMama Baleshwar Dayal Government College, KushalgarhB.A
26BaranAntahGovernment College, AntahB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
27AtruGovernment College, AtruB.A
28BaranGovernment Girls P.G College, BaranB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
29BaranGovernment P. G. College, BaranB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
30ChhabraGovernment College, ChhabraB.A
31KelwaraGovernment College, KelwaraB.A
32MangrolGovernment College, MangrolB.A
33BarmerBalotraD.R.J. Government Girls College, BalotraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
34BalotraM.B.R. Government PG College, BalotraB.AB.Com
35BarmerGovernment College, BarmerB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
36BarmerM.B.C. Government Girls College, BarmerB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
37BaytuGovernment College, BaytuB.A
38ChouthanGovernment College, ChouthanB.A
39GudamalaniGovernment College, GudamalaniB.A
40ShivGovernment College, ShivB.A
41SiwanaGovernment College, SiwanaB.A
42BharatpurBayanaGovernment College, BayanaB.AB.Com
43BayanaGovernment Girls College, BayanaB.A
44BharatpurM.S.J. Government College, BharatpurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
45BharatpurR. D. Government Girls College, BharatpurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
46DeegM A J Government College, DeegB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
47BharatpurKamanGovernment College, KamanB.A
48NadbaiGovernment College, NadbaiB.A
49NagarGovernment College, NagarB.A
50BhilwaraAsindGovernment College, AsindB.A
51BaneraGovernment College, BaneraB.A
52BhilwaraM.L.V. Government College, BhilwaraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
53BhilwaraS.M.M. Government Girls College, BhilwaraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
54BijoliyaGovernment College, BijoliyaB.A
55MandalgarhS.C.M. Government College, MandalgarhB.AB.Com
56RaipurGovernment College, RaipurB.A
57ShahpuraS.P.S.B. Government College, ShahpuraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
58BikanerBikanerGovernment Dungar College, BikanerB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
59BikanerGovernment M.S. College For Women, BikanerB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
60DungargarhGovernment College, DungargarhB.A
61KhajuwalaGovernment College, KhajuwalaB.A
62LunkaransarGovernment College, LunkaransarB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
63NokhaM.L.B. Government College, NokhaB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
64BundiBundiGovernment Girls College, BundiB.AB.Com
65BundiGovernment College, BundiB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
66ChittorgarhBadi SadriGovernment College, Badi SadriB.A
67BegunGovernment College, BegunB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
68ChittorgarhGovernment Girls College, ChittorgarhB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
69ChittorgarhM.P. Government P.G. College, ChittorgarhB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
70KapasanGovernment College, KapasanB.AB.Com
71MandphiyaS.S. Government College, MandphiyaB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
72NimbaheraGovernment College, NimbaheraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
73RawatbhataGovernment College, RawatbhataB.A
74ChuruBidasarGovernment College, BidasarB.A
75ChuruGovernment Girls College, ChuruB.A
76ChuruGovernment Lohia College, ChuruB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
77RajgarhGovernment College, Rajgarh (Churu)B.A
78RatangarhGovernment College, RatangarhB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
79RatangarhS.K.D.L. Government Girls College, RatangarhB.A
80SardarshaharS. B. D. Government College, SardarshaharB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
81SujangarhG.H.S. Government P.G. College, SujangarhB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
82TaranagarGovernment Girls College, TaranagarB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
83TaranagarM.J.D. Government College, TaranagarB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
84DausaBandikuiS.R.P. Government College, BandikuiB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
85DausaGovernment Arts College, DausaB.A
86DausaGovernment Girls College, DausaB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
87DausaSw. Pt. Nawal Kishore Sharma Government P.G. College, DausaB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
88LalsotGovernment Girls College, LalsotB.A
89LalsotRajesh Pilot Government P.G. College, LalsotB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
90MahuaGovernment College, MahuaB.A
91SikraiGovernment College, SikraiB.A
92DhaulpurBaseriGovernment College, BaseriB.A
93DholpurGovernment P.G. College, DholpurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
94DhaulpurDholpurGovernment Girls College DholpurB.A
95DholpurGovernment College, BariB.A
96RajakheraGovernment College, RajakheraB.A
97DungarpurBicchiwaraGovernment College, BicchiwaraB.A
98DungarpurS.B.P. Government College, DungarpurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
99DungarpurV. K. B. Government Girls College, DungarpurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
100SagwaraS.S.B.B. Government College, SagwaraB.A
101SeemalwaraGovernment College, SeemalwaraB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
102HanumangarhBhadraGovernment College, BhadraB.A
103HanumangarhGovernment Nehru Memorial College, HanumangarhB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
104NoharS. N.D.B. Government College, NoharB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
105JaipurChimanpuraB.B.D Government College, ChimanpuraB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
106ChimanpuraB.N.D. Government Arts College, ChimanpuraB.A
107ChomuGovernment Girls College, ChomuB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
108DuduGovernment College, DuduB.A
109JaipurGovernment College, JaipurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
110KaladeraSeth R.L.Saharia Government P.G. College, KaladeraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
111KotputliL.B.S. Government P.G. College, KotputliB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
112KotputliS.P.D.M. Government Girls College, KotputliB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
113SambherlakeGovernment Shakambhar P.G. College, SambharlakeB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
114ShahpuraBaba Gangadas Government Girls College, ShahpuraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
115JaisalmerJaisalmerM. L. S. Government Girls P. G. College, JaisalmerB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
116JaisalmerS.B.K. Government College, JaisalmerB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
117PokaranGovernment Girls College, PokaranB.A
118PokaranGovernment College, PokaranB.AB.Com
119JaloreAhoreGovernment College, AhoreB.A
120BhinmalG.K. Gowani Government College, BhinmalB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)
121JaloreGovernment P.G. College, JaloreB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
122JaloreS. R. S. K. J. Government Girls College, JaloreB.AB.Com
123RaniwaraGovernment College, RaniwaraB.A
124JhalawarBhawani MandiBirla Government College, Bhawani MandiB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
125Chau MahalaGovernment College, Chau MahalaB.A
126JhalawarGovernment Girls P.G. College, JhalawarB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
127JhalawarGovernment P.G. College, JhalawarB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
128KhanpurGovernment College, KhanpurB.A
129ManoharthanaGovernment College, ManoharthanaB.A
130PidawaGovernment College, PidawaB.A
131JhunjhunuGudhaGovernment College Gudha, JhunjhunuB.A
132JhunjhunuS.N.M.T. Government Girls College, JhunjhunuB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
133JhunjhunuS.R.R.M. Government College, JhunjhunuB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
134KhetriS.V. Government College, KhetriB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
135MalsisarGovernment College, MalsisarB.A
136NawalgarhGovernment College, NawalgarhB.A
137JodhpurBalaserGovernment College, BalesarB.A
138BapGovernment College, BapB.A
139BawariGovernment College, BawariB.A
140BilaraGovernment College, BilaraB.A
141JodhpurJodhpurGovernment College, JodhpurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
142JodhpurSPM Government College, BhopalgarhB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
143LuniGovernment College, LuniB.A
144OsianGovernment College, OsianB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
145PhalodiJ.N.M.P. Government College, PhalodiB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)
146Pipar CityS.S.D.C.L.B. Government Girls College, Pipar CityB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
147ShergarhGovernment College, ShergarhB.A
148KarauliHindaun CityGovernment College, Hindaun CityB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
149KarauliGovernment College, KarauliB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
150KarauliGovernment Girls College, KarauliB.AB.Sc (Bio)
151NadautiGovernment College, NadautiB.A
152SapotraGovernment College, SaptoraB.A
153TodabhimGovernment College, TodabhimB.A
154KotaItawaGovernment College, ItawaB.A
155KanwasGovernment College, KanwasB.A
156KotaGovernment Arts College, KotaB.A
157KotaGovernment Arts Girls College, KotaB.A
158KotaGovernment College, KotaB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
159KotaGovernment Commerce College, KotaB.Com
160KotaGovernment Commerce Girls College, KotaB.Com
161KotaJDB Government Girls College, KotaB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
162Ramganj MandiGovernment College, Ramganj MandiB.AB.Com
163SangodGovernment College, SangodB.A
164NagaurDeganaGovernment College, DeganaB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
165DidwanaBangur Government P.G. College, DidwanaB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
166JayalGovernment College, JayalB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
167KhinwsarGovernment College, KhinwsarB.A
168ManglanaGovernment College, ManglanaB.A
169Merta CityGovernment College, Merta CityB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)
170NagaurGovernment Girls College, NagaurB.AB.Sc (Bio)
171NagaurS.B.R.M. Government P.G. College, NagaurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
172PaliBaliGovernment College, BaliB.A
173JaitaranGovernment College, JaitaranB.AB.Com
174Marwar Jn.Government College, Marwar Jn.B.A
175PaliBangur Government P.G College, PaliB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
176PaliS.G.P.B. Government Girls College, PaliB.AB.Com
177RaipurGovernment College, RaipurB.A
178RohatGovernment College, RohatB.A
179Sojat CityGovernment College, Sojat CityB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
180SumerpurGovernment College, SumerpurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
181PratapgarhChhoti SadriGovernment College, Chhoti SadriB.A
182DhariyawadGovernment College, DhariyawadB.A
183PratapgarhGovernment P.G. College, PratapgarhB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
184RajsamandAmetSHLD Government College, AmetB.AB.Com
185BhimGovernment College, BhimB.A
186DevgarhGovernment College, DevgarhB.A
187KhumbhalgarhGovernment College, KhumbhalgarhB.A
188RajsamandNathdwaraGovernment Girls College, NathdwaraB.AB.Com
189NathdwaraS.M.B. Government College, NathdwaraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
190RajsamandGovernment Girls College, RajsamandB.A
191RajsamandSeth Rang Lal Kothari Government P.G. College, RajsamandB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)
192Sawai MadhopurBamanwasGovernment College, BamanwasB.A
193Gangapur CityGovernment College, Gangapur CityB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
194KhandarGovernment College, KhandarB.A
195S.MadhopurGovernment Girls College, Sawai MadhopurB.AB.Com
196Sawai MadhopurS.C.R.S. Government College, Sawai MadhopurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
197SikarHodGovernment Girls College, HodB.A
198Neem Ka ThanaGovernment Kamla Modi Girls College, Neem Ka ThanaB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
199Neem Ka ThanaS.N.K.P. Government College, Neem Ka ThanaB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
200Ramgarh ShekhawatiR.N.R. Government College, Ramgarh ShekhawatiB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)
201SikarGovernment Arts College, SikarB.A
202SikarGovernment Commerce College, SikarB.Com
203SikarS.K. Government Girls College SikarB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
204SikarGovernment Science College, SikarB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
205SirohiAbu RoadS.M.C.C. Government College, Abu RoadB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
206PindwaraGovernment College, PindwaraB.A
207RevdarGovernment College, RevdarB.A
208SheoganjS.M.P.B.J. Government College, SheoganjB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
209SirohiGovernment College, SirohiB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
210SirohiGovernment Girls College, SirohiB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
211Sri GanganagarAnoopgarhGovernment College, AnoopgarhB.A
212GanganagarCh. Balluram Godara Government Girls College, Sri GanganagarB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
213GanganagarD.B.R.A. Government College, Sri GanganagarB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
214KaranpurGovernment College, KaranpurB.A
215ShadulshaharGovernment Girls College, ShadulshaharB.A
216SuratgarhGovernment College, SuratgarhB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
217TonkDeoliGovernment College, DeoliB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
218MalpuraGovernment College, MalpuraB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
219NewaiGovernment College, NewaiB.A
220TodaraisinghGovernment College, TodaraisinghB.AB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
221TonkGovernment Girls College, TonkB.AB.Com
222TonkGovernment P.G. College, TonkB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
223UniaraGovernment College, UniaraB.AB.Com
224UdaipurGogundaGovernment College, GogundaB.A
225JhadolGovernment College, JhadolB.A
226KherwaraGovernment College, KherwaraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
227KherwaraGovernment Girls College, KherewaraB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
228KotraGovernment College, KotraB.A
229LasadiyaGovernment College, LasadiyaB.A
230MavliGovernment College, MavliB.A
231SalumberHadarani Government College, SalumberB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)
232SaradaGovernment College, SaradaB.A
233UdaipurGovernment Meera Girls College, UdaipurB.AB.ComB.Sc (Bio)B.Sc (Math)

Application Form and Fee

All the eligible candidates who are going to apply for UG Admission in Rajasthan Government Colleges for the session 2018-19 can fill the online application form on or before the last date i.e. 20th June 2018. Interested students can fill the UG Admission 2018 online application form from 6th June 2018. To collect more details about the application process of UG Admission in Rajasthan Government Colleges you should visit the official website.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who have completed their 12th or intermediate from any recognized board can get admission here. Students can get admission in undergraduate programmes in different specializations such as arts, commerce, science and others. All the candidates who are going to apply and fillthe online application for UG Admission in Rajasthan government colleges they must check their eligibility status. For more details about the eligibility criteria of UG Admission in Rajasthan government colleges must visit the official website.

Result and Cut-off Marks

The authorized authority will announce the result and cut-off marks and upload it on its official website. Students who have to get admission here they must secure at least minimum cut-off marks. The authority of Department of College Education will invite all the shortlisted candidates for counseling or documents verification process. To know more about the result and cut-off marks for UG Admission in Rajasthan government colleges stay connectedto us.

Admission Helpline Number

In case of any query regarding the UG Admission in Rajasthan government colleges you can contact at the given helpline number. Here we are going to provide you the UG Admission in Rajasthan government colleges helpline/ toll-free number.

Department Of College EducationJaipur0141-2706106[email protected]
Department Of Technical EducationJodhpur0291-2434395
[email protected]
Department Of Sanskrit EducationJaipur0141-2706608[email protected]

For more details about the UG Admission in Rajasthan government colleges Click Here.

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