WBJEE 2018 Syllabus (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

WBJEE or West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam 2018  is conducted for admission to undergraduate engineering, architecture and pharmacy courses offered by affiliated colleges under WBJEEB.  The syllabus of WBJEE comprises topics from Class XI and XII standard. The level of questions asked in the exam is moderate with only a few surprises.The Syllabus for Physics will comprise of 40 questions from 20 important topics. The level of difficulty will range from moderate to hard. Total marks for this section is 50.The Syllabus for Chemistry will comprise of 40 questions from 17 important topics. Total marks for this section will be 50. It will be a mixture of difficult and easy questions.The Syllabus for Mathematics will comprise of 75 questions for 100 marks. There are 23 important topics to be prepared from.

The joint entrance exam is taken after the 12th grade for admission to graduation (also known as Bachelors) courses. The exam can be taken by those who studied Pure Science stream in plus two level with the specific subjects tested in the examination, which are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. There are actually two separate tests for medical (also called WBJEE Medical) and engineering (also called WBJEE), the difference being that the medical test has the Biology paper while the engineering test has the Mathematics paper.

WBJEE Syllabus 2018

The candidates who submitted the application form successfully and preparing for the entrance exam must be looking for the syllabus of various subjects so here we are providing the complete syllabus of different subjects which are given bellow.

WBJEE 2018 Physics Syllabus

Here we are providing the important topics of physics from which the question may be prepared so candidates must follow the following topics given bellow:

Most Important TopicsImportant TopicsTopics with less importance
Gaseous TheoryDimensional AnalysisUnits and Dimensions
Center of Mass, CollisionNewtons Laws of MotionErrors, Significant figures
2D and 3D MotionsScalars, VectorsGravitation
Simple Harmonic MotionSound WavesDimensional Analysis
Circular MotionElectric FluxPhysical World, Measurements
Gauss Theorem, Coulombs LawSolid State
ThermodynamicsWork Power Energy
Modern Physics

WBJEE 2018 Chemistry Syllabus

Now here we are providing important topics of chemistry so candidates must check all these topics during their preparation.

Alkanes,Alkenes, Avagadro’sAlkynes

Most ImportantLess ImportantTopics with less importance
Periodic TableInorganic ChemistryDalton’s Atomic Theory
Chemical KineticsAtomic Mass
Molar ChemistrySN1 and SN2 ReactionsHypothesis
Markownikoff’s Avogadro’sarkownikoff’s additionsAromatic CompoundsChemical Equations
carbonyl compounds and estersCatalystsOxidation-Reduction
Empirical and Molecular formulaGay Lussac’s Law

WBJEE 2018 Mathematics Syllabus

The whole important topics of mathematics have been provided bellow, so the candidates can easily check the topics and follow them during their preparation.

Most Important TopicsImportant TopicsTopics with less importance
Progression and SeriesDifferentiationProbability, Integration by parts. Integration by substitution and the partial fraction.
Complex Numbers, conjugateIntegrationProperties of triangles,
Matrices, Quadratic EquationsDifferential CalculusMean, Variance and Standard Deviation
Binomial Theorem, Sets Relations MappingSets, Relations, and MappingMaxima, Minima, Bayes’ Theorem
Trigonometric FunctionsStatistics, Inverse TrigonometryTangents and Normal
Coordinate GeometryDistance Formula, Section FormulaScalar Triple Products

WBJEE 2018 Helpline

WBJEE 2018 Helpline is there for the help of candidates, so the candidates who are facing any problem related to syllabus provided by WBJEE 2018 can contact to following address given bellow. WBJEE Helpline also provided the toll-free number so candidates can contact to toll free number also.

WBJEEB Address –  AQ 13/1, Sector-V,
Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091
WBJEEB Toll-Free Number:-1800 345 0050
West Bengal Joint Engineering Exam Board Contact Number:-(033) 23671198

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